Tuscumbia Landing
Tuscumbia Landing | Sheffield, AL

About Tuscumbia Landing

Located in the City of Sheffield, Alabama, Tuscumbia Landing is a historic landing site on the Tennessee River. Tuscumbia Landing has been recognized as a historically significant site associated with various periods of significance in industry, transportation, commerce, Indian removal history, and the Civil War.

Working with interested partners and stakeholders, this project generated alternatives for the preservation, interpretation, and general visitor facility development at Tuscumbia Landing. Ultimately, this project will allow and encourage visitors to understand and appreciate the significance of this historic landing site, including its overall history in association with Indian removal and what it was like during its use as a landing associated with the railroad.

Our Team

The Board of Directors
Liz Anderson, Secretary, Treasurer
Mike Johnson
George Carpenter
Verna Brennan


Mayor Billy S. ShoeMaker