Tuscumbia Landing
Tuscumbia Landing | Sheffield, AL


Sheffield, AL

A place worth visiting

Tuscumbia Landing was added to the national historic Trail of Tears on April 15, 2007 and it is where Cherokee and Creek tribes were moved in the 1830's to Indian Territory (Oklahoma). There are other Trail of Tears sites in nine states but this pristine site on the Tennessee River is rare because Indians were moved by railroad and loaded to boats. The beautiful riverside property is owned by the City of Sheffield and under development by the Port Authority of Tuscumbia Landing. Because local citizens were so hospitable to the migrating Indians, the plan is to build a Welcome Center and invite hundreds of federally recognized tribes for a special day. After clearing underbrush and trees, development can proceed and hopefully the gates will be open to the public in 2016.

Photos Provided by:

Mary Carton, Marty King, Leslie Yancy, Annie Perry, and Angela Green.